BenVista PhotoArtist

BenVista PhotoArtist 2.0.6

Apply eye-catching artistic effects to your photos


  • Many filters and effects available
  • Very original way to apply them
  • You can mix several filters in one image


  • Filter thumbnails don't show the filter results properly

Very good

BenVista PhotoArtist provides you with a completely new way to apply special filters and effects to your photos.

Until now, applying a filter to your images meant using a graphic editor, selecting the appropriate filter and clicking on the "OK" button so that the program does all the work by itself. With BenVista PhotoArtist, it's you who applies the effect directly, deciding in which areas you want to focus or how strong you want the effect to be.

BenVista PhotoArtist includes a impressive variety of filters and is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is select the filter you want to apply, customize the program's settings (brush size, opacity degree) and start painting over the blank area. The photo will reveal itself as you paint, with the effect already applied. Of course, you can use different filters and configurations on the same image, thus producing even more original results.

The only downside to BenVista PhotoArtist is that you'll probably need to test every filter to see their effect by yourself, as the thumbnails displayed on the program's interface don't really represent the final result.

With BenVista PhotoArtist you can apply eye-catching effects to your favorite photos in a very original way.

BenVista PhotoArtist


BenVista PhotoArtist 2.0.6

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